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Welcome to ETPM - New Building

Updated: May 31


My name is Chastity and I am one of the members of your new property management team - ET Property Management Inc.

Edward Torres who you will all eventually meet is the owner.

First things first - please save our details:


Chastity Cortijo chastity.cortijo@etproperty.management

Edward Torres edward.torres@etproperty.management


Office: 718-413-0973 - This line is answered Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm. This line is also TEXT-friendly.

Emergency: 855-205-7042 - This line rings on multiple lines to ensure one of us answers immediately at any time of day/night/weekend. For emergency use only.


ET Property Management, Inc

134 8th Street

Brooklyn NY 11215

After today, you will receive a few emails from me, not only during the management transition, but over the course of our management relationship as we like to send newsletters, updates, and just generally keep in touch. For ANY emails you send to me, it is very important that you ALWAYS include Eddie Torres in the CC. This allows us to be sure we are 100% covering all incoming questions/concerns in a timely fashion.

Welcome to Our Services!

We look forward to working with all of you for many years to come. Here's some info about us.


Collectively, ET Property Management has managed & maintained buildings in some of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods for over 40 years. We are a family-owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with the property owners and buildings we provide services for. As property owners ourselves both in NYC and out of state, we completely understand all the logistics that go into owning and efficiently maintaining a real estate investment. Thank you for having us provide these services to you.

As an added benefit - Eddie Torres owns ET General Construction, Inc - a full-service construction & renovation company. For over 25 years, he’s helped homeowners all over NY/NJ bring their home improvement visions to life. This means he KNOWS exactly how a building structure should operate, can immediately spot safety hazards, and has full knowledge of all the mechanicals needed to efficiently run your property.

Owners Portal:

In the coming days, you will receive a few emails from me. One of them will be to access your unit owners' online system called Buildium. That system allows all our condo/coop owners to submit task requests and keep track of any issues that you request service or maintenance on. This system is also how you will pay your common charges. All condo/coop owners' common charges are directly deposited into the associations' bank account which allows for transparent, accurate reporting. The system will also store unit owner pertinent documentation such as house rules, building policies, ETPM services, and more. You may see a balance on your ledger. DON'T WORRY! I start bookkeeping from the start date of the contract and I will manually update everyone's ledgers soon.

***Buildium access can take between 1-2 months to be completed. I appreciate your patience with me while I get all this together for you. We will notify you as soon as you are able to start paying your common charges online. If you have not received notification about your new ePay system with us, check with your board on whether or not you can continue to make you common charge payments as usual OR you should hold on to your common charges.***

Your Porter:

Your porter’s name is Jason. You may often see him with a backpack and headphones. Feel free to say Hi [he can be shy :) ]!

Jason - jason.thompson@etproperty.management

Your Cleaning Tech:

Your cleaning is provided by Natalie. She ensures your building looks and feels great.

Natalie natalie@etproperty.management

Trash & Cleaning:

Your trash & recycle are bagged and placed at the curb the evening before pick-up days. You can confirm your buildings' DSNY trash & recycle pick-up days HERE.

On the days your trash & recycle are prepared, your porter will also sweep the sidewalk, and the lobby/main entrance.

Your building is cleaned every other week. Cleaning entails all sweeping & mopping/vacuuming all floors from the top floor down; cleaning trash rooms, trash areas, glass, and all touchpoints [handles, doorknobs, banisters].


Management transitions can be awkward, lengthy, and sometimes a bit confusing. The most important aspect of this transition is COMMUNICATION. In the same way you are learning about us, WE - your management team - are working with your Board to learn about your building, the units, the back office stuff, the physical structure, etc... as fast as we can. We welcome ALL questions, comments, and concerns relating to your building and ask that you report any potential hazards & safety issues immediately. EMAIL is always best so that we can have an e-trail. We are in the field as much as we are at our office, and we strive to answer all incoming emails within 2 business days, even if it's to say 'we're working on this.'

Units that are currently Tenant-Occupied:

If you have a tenant in place, it's important that you let us know immediately. We will need the tenants' contact details, lease term & executed lease.

All tenants will receive a separate welcome email that includes our contact details for emergencies, concerns, and complaints. Tenants do not have access to any of the online portals that unit owners do. Should a tenant-occupied unit require an inspection/site visit [outside of an emergency], the request must come from the unit owner, or the unit owner will be notified if it's ETPM initiated. Tenants are welcome to send us emails in regard to safety hazards, complaints, concerns, or general building questions. It will be requested that tenants who email us include the unit owner in every email.

Important Reads:

Owner Requirements, Best practices for your buildings, and Information about building management.

What's in a building's budget?

That is all for right now. But I will be in touch again very soon.

If you have ANY questions I welcome them!

Once again, welcome! I look forward to eventually meeting you all.


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