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Document Request - Management

Updated: Mar 2

Hello, Management!

It's nice to virtually meet you. We're reaching out because we've been hired to manage a building you previously held. Management transitions can be awkward and tricky. But we want you to know WE GET IT. We've been on both sides of a management transition and we've found the best way to get through them is to be as transparent and cooperative as possible so that the actual transition has very minimal interruptions to the clients we value, as well as you & us. There's a lot of moving parts and we always hope this goes smoothly.

If you're receiving this note the Board has issued you a 30-day notice [let us know if otherwise], we've already executed a contract with the Board, and we want to begin the administrative transition as soon as possible.

We'd like to request the associations' complete file which usually includes the below listed documents. Feel free to send them to us via Google Drive, Dropbox, or I can link you to a Sharefile folder for the building.

We welcome all questions so if anything comes up don't hesitate to reach out.




Have a great day!


Association Files

  • EIN letter

  • Current Year Budget

  • Owner details - names, unit number, email, phone, mailing address

  • Common charges amount list

  • Delinquent account balances

  • 2021 & YTD Income & Expense reports

  • Condo Book

  • By-Laws

  • House rules

  • Maintenance & repair status sheet

  • Planned improvement details - vendors, SOW & COIs

  • Online Account Logins for the Association

  • Abatement information

  • Accountant

  • Attorney

  • Back-flow Preventer Inspector - Annual Contract

  • Bank statements

Elevator Maintenance - Annual Contract

  • Elevator Inspector Witnessing Firm

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring - Annual Contract

Fire Extinguisher Inspections - Annual Contract

  • Insurance - Annual Contract

  • Internet Line

  • Landscaper

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Pest Control

  • Sponsor contact details

  • Sponsor open issues

  • Sprinkler Monthly Inspections - Annual Contract

  • Tax filings

  • Telephone - Elevator
 - Monthly

  • Utilities

  • Electricity - Con Ed - Monthly

  • Gas National - Grid - Monthly

  • Water - NYC DEP - Monthly

  • Any other building-specific service contracts & bills

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