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Congratulations on the work you’ve done to get here.


This buyer application is for a condo unit located in a property managed by E.T. Property Management, Inc. Each buyer must submit their own application.


If you have any questions about the application process you can contact chastity.cortijo@etproperty.management .


Documents required to submit with this form:

  • Proof of identity - Photo ID (copy of passport, drivers license, etc)

  • Proof of residency (cable bill, utility bill, etc)

  • Proof of employment and income (3 recent paystubs or 2 years tax return)

  • Reference from employment

  • Personal reference

  • Executed sales contract

  • Mortgage commitment letter

  • Background screening form - Download HERE

  • House Rules Acknowledgement - ​Sign all pages of the associations house rules. Should be obtained by the seller/seller’s agent.

  • Application fee payment - Sent via WAVE invoice once we receive your application

ETPM reserves the right to ask for additional documents should we deem necessary.



Fees associated with this application:

  • $500 per application [includes 1 co-applicant] which covers administrative handling and 1 (one) background/credit screening

  • $100 per co-applicant background/credit screening

  • Co-applicants must complete a separate application and submit respective documents.

  • Send the application to the SELLING AGENT.

  • Once the application is received by management, an invoice will be sent to the buyer from management via an invoicing app called WAVE.

  • Any other payments that will be made at closing [moving deposits & fees] should be made out to the association. Refer to the financial statements of the association for the official name.

What's next? Once a buyer application is submitted:

  • ETPM will invoice the buyers for their application fees.

  • Background screening on applicant[s] is submitted to third party vendor.

  • After the invoice is paid, the buyers' package is sent to the board for their review & waiver. 

***Most condos typically have between 20 to 30 days to waive their right of first refusal and approve your purchase***

  • Lender questionnaire & document request is submitted to the buyers' lender.

  • Legal document requirements are submitted to the buyers' lawyer.

  • Board review is complete, follow up questions addressed.

  • A waiver for the right of first refusal is delivered to the selling agent.

  • Seller's agent notifies management of the closing date and potential move in date.

  • Sellers' notify management of their move-out date.

  • New owners' notify management of their move-in date.

  • New owners are added to Buildium, and introduced to their buildings & management's process.

Moving Rules, Certificate of Insurance Requirements & Building Guidelines ​can be found HERE.

Certificate of Insurance Guidelines

COI's are required anytime a vendor is hired to perform work or service within the building or a unit. This includes but is not limited to moving, renovation, painting, repairs, some inspections, major appliance & furniture deliveries. If you have questions about whether or not you will need to submit a COI you can contact us at maintenance@etproperty.management 

The hiring party is listed as the certificate holder. 

All other parties listed below are listed as additional insureds.

Each occurrence limit must state $1,000,000


COIs [Certificates of Insurance] should be created & filed for all 3 entities below:

  • Unit Owner(s)   (i.e. Earl E. Bird 123 Main Street Unit 2 Brooklyn, NY 11201)

  • The Condo Association Name (i.e. 123 Main Street  Condominiums 123 Main Street Brooklyn, NY 11201)

  • ET Property Management, Inc 134 8th Street Brooklyn NY 11215